Sinisism is an unbelievable religion:

  • It encourages independent thought.
  • It discredits traditional religions.
  • It requires nothing of its members.
  • It promotes pleasurable behavior.
  • It protects and rewards those who reject the status quo.
  • It can be modified/improved by its members.

Just like the logic and innovations it inspires, Sinisism is alive and open to change.

Members are encouraged to help improve the religion by sharing their “divine inspirations” in the holy Forum. And since member input largely dictates the religion’s structure, all supporters are referred to as “Leaders of Sinisism” rather than “followers.”

Everyone is also encouraged to observe and strengthen Sinisism through the pursuit of knowledge and advancement in all sciences as well as various other disciplines.

What can Sinisism do for you?

Sinisism is a religion that pays its supporters back (and not just through promises of a heavenly afterlife). Leaders of Sinisism enjoy the backing of a religion that respects individual rights.

Do you feel burdened by arbitrary restrictions pertaining to sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, and/or other constraints intended to “protect you from yourself?” Are you sick of stringent dress codes, unreasonable searches, or other intrusive measures?

Well, Sinisism provides a religious foundation that supports the happiness of its members over the imposed morals of others. See for yourself by viewing the righteous (and current) Tenets of Sinisism, and keep in mind that one day, you may even inspire your own.